NEW Audi A3 2.0T FSI CAI Induction kit- no shield

  • Model: AU520
Filter included in Kit :

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No shield for filter included

Our brand new Cold Air Intake is now finalised. Now with improved metallic Gunmetal grey heatcoating, a heatshield for the rear section above the exhaust manifold and a optional shield for the filter. Now a 1 piece pipe with much improved flow and a upgraded MAF housing, giving you the best power and torque.

After continues testing of the car under various conditions we found this setup to work the best! We could not get anything more out of it, whatever we tried. Also lots of water testing was done and did not experience any problems under any condition.

One of the test cars used in development were a factory standard 2008 Golf 5 GTI with minor milage, it gained at peak from just fitting the induction about 14kW and 45Nm. I doesn't just gain in the higher revs like our old kit, here you gain from right down at the bottom all the way to the redline. Models equipped with further mods should gain more and those lucky enough to have the K04 turbo fitted will be amazed with the results. We will have K04 equipped model results available soon.

You can clearly FEEL the differance before and after fitting the kit!

Sound wise we went for a more refined, rather than violent sound, you can hear the turbo spool up and release the pressure, but nothing as violent as our old kit, meaning the less known, driving normally, won't hear the differance, giving you more a sleeper sound, but enough to keep yourself happy at full throttle, this is a family car after all ;) For those that want a more stock look under the bonnet, we have a OEM looking engine cover also available.

A Cold Air intake system relocates the filter at the coolest air inlet temperatures possible. Cooler air carries more oxygen, which translates into a more intense explosion in the combustion chamber to create more horesepower and torque. But that's only part of the power equation. Tuning the inlet pipe in length and diameter to match the engine's resonance helps move more air to the cylinders (think of your engine as a big air pump).
Our Air Intake systems are dyno-proven and tested. Every Air induction system features the highest standards of construction and we are so confident in their fit and performance that we would want to guarantee them for the life of your vehicle.

This is an straight bolt-on and no additional modifications is nessesary.

The filter we recommend is the high quality range of Simota that includes the Advanced Polyurethane filter construction for extra lighweight and durability. Unique 3D Precision Weaving Technology for superior and constant filtration, cleanable and reusable, hence economical.

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