POLO TDI 1.9 74kW Front Mounted Intercooler Kit

  • Model: TDI FMIC 74
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Your vehicle's OE intercooler is inefficient and prone to heat soak - especially on chipped high horsepower applications.  Over time, during spirited driving, the OE intercooler becomes heat-soaked and robs your engine of precious power.  With our front mount kit, your car will deliver consistent power run after run!

Engineered for the utmost performance, the kit features lightweight polished aluminum tubing, silicone hose couplings, cast aluminum end-tanks, and an ultra efficient bar and plate core design.

We also replace all the stock boost pipes that are prone to leak at various points, with new aluminium boost pipes, making it even more reliable and efficent. The core surface area is 3 times the size of the OE

The kit includes all the necessary mounts, piping and hoses required to install the kit DIY.