Toyota Hilux / Fortuner GD6 2.8 Oil Catch Can


An oil catch tank (can) is fitted in line of the crank case breather system. It is placed in between the breather outlet of the Engine and the intake system. As the crank vapours pass through the catch tank (can) the oil droplets, un-burnt fuel, and water vapour condense and settle in the tank. This stops them from reaching the intake and causing the issues mentioned above.

The best type of catch tank (can) will often have some sort of media inside such as a fine metal mesh or baffle style metal which will create a much larger surface area for the vapours to condense.

Over time the catch tank (can) will fill up with the excess oil and will need to be drained. This is done by opening a drain plug on the bottom of the tank.

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  • Model: OCT GD6

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