Repairs on Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Categories: show and tell

We often get vehicles in for diagnostics, many which has been passed down from workshop to workshop not being able to find the problems and simply replacing parts hoping it will solve the issues. Our customers asked us to document some of these cases, as you like to follow the process.

This Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTI came in for diagnostics, after the car being very unresponsive and down on power. Firstly we found a boost leak on arrival, which we repaired, followed by a dyno run to see what power its making. It surely was far off and very very lazy, boost only coming in at over 3000rpm on a Diesel.

We did a logging session on the dyno, checking all parameters, the only one really standing out was the lack of boost.On the Graph the Purple Line Represents the target boost level and the Blue line the actual boost level. Since it does reach the target boost eventually and checking the VNT on the turbo and its solenoids are functioning correctly, we didn’t check the turbo further, as we expected it to be something else. (It would be normal practice from other workshops to first replace the turbo)We commenced stripping the vehicle and doing some repairs, the first being the EGR was not sealing properly, the sealing surface has been damaged over the years, thus we blanked the EGR completely.

While we were there we cleaned out the Intake Manifold from all the buildup of soot from the EGR and replaced a few hoses, ets that was damaged/perished from age and was leaking.

A repair on one leaky Diesel injector was done and the injectors was sent in for testing, to ensure they are still in good condition.

The results speak for themselves, some maintenance, additional preventative maintenance and careful diagnostics solved the problem without a massive bill or the unnecessary replacement of parts.

This customer can now drive this car, with peace of mind, knowing that its in tip top shape for its age and can enjoy it.