Dyno Tuning

We have more than 15 years experience in ECU tuning with all major tuning software products. We don’t just load pre-existing maps onto an ECU, we take the time to custom tune the car until we get a nice even dyno graph.

If there are mechanical issues which needs to be addressed we fix that first and continue to get the most optimal safe tune for you’re car.

Motor Cade Motorsport is very well known for reliable tunes and we often help other workshops with problematic cars. 

All ECU tuning is done on our well maintained Hyper-Power 4WD Dyno. We have had many people say our dyno is measured at the fly and its therefor inaccurate, but this has been proven to be accurate by testing factory stock vehicles and getting to factory expected results.

Performance Tuning

  • Increase Performance
  • Improved Top Speed
  • Smooth Power Curve
  • More Responsive Engine
  • Remapping for any modifications
  • DSG Tuning
  • Pop and bang maps

Economy ECU remapping

Our economy tune isn’t just to help owners of high performance cars. You can benefit even if you own a  car known for good fuel economy.

You could be pleasantly surprised at how a tune up focusing on economy can increase your overall fuel consumption and improve your car’s responsiveness and performance.

  • Improve Fuel economy
  • Reduced C02 emissions

Rpm & Speed Limiters

Sometimes you want to limit your car’s true performance for a few reasons.

  • You have a vehicle fleet and want to prevent vehicles from being abused.
  • You have a very high performance vehicle and would like to provide a safe driving experience. 
  • Improved Driveability
  • RPM & Speed Limiters
  • Valet Mode

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