Injector Cleaning

Fuel injectors become clogged due to hydrocarbons, sediment and other elements in the fuel. Most fuels contain ethanol. Ethanol is hygroscopic thus drawing moisture from the air into the fuel. The water in the fuel cause internal components to rust. Residue from the rust gets into the injectors when the fuel filter is in bad shape.

  • Leak inspection - An injector that is leaking from the nozzle usually requires a simple cleaning to operate properly.
  • Ohm testing - A simple test to verify the condition of the injector coil, we test the resistance (measured in Ohms) across the terminals of the injector connector.
  • Spray pattern verification - evaluate the spray pattern of your injectors. If there are deposits on the nozzle the spray pattern can be adversely affected.
  • Pulse Operation - Test your injectors at pulse widths ranging from idle to full-throttle operation.
  • Flow rate verification - It is still possible for internal deposits and/or corrosion to cause variations in flow rate