90 Degree Reducing Bend 38>25

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90 Degree Reducing Bends


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Motor Cade Motorsport 90 Degree Reducing Bends are made of multi-ply reinforced and knitted premium polyester fabric with high temperature silicone rubber, engineered for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges where high performance levels are required.

Silicone rubber components have a useful life that is far superior under conditions that would cause the deterioration of many parts made of typical organic materials, it’s typical properties are as below: High temperature resistance Electrochemical degradation resistance UV and ozone resistance .The fluoro-silicone of our product with its unique properties, provides resistance to many fuels, oils and solvents, including gasoline. Silicone rubber is noted for its water resistance. It has an extremely low degree of water absorption and its mechanical properties show minimal change, even after long periods of immersion


Inner: 100% High quality silicone

Reinforcement: 3/4ply Polyester/Aramid fabric

Wall Thickness: 3-4mm Typically

Color: Blue


Heating and Cooling Systems, CAC Charge-Air-Cooler (Hot & Cold side) , Turbo Charger Systems & Custom Compressor, Intercooler or Intake & Inlet Piping for turbo/Superchargers. etc.

Temperature: -40℃ ( -104 ℉ ) to +220℃ (+428 ℉ )

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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm


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